Thursday, April 4, 2013

Pilates Geek Independent Study

Consistency is very important when it comes to Pilates, after all consistency yields results. I've decided to make a short routine that will keep you on track while I'm away, while you're away, or in the event that something comes up and you miss class. This full body routine is just enough to keep you on track, but not enough to put a big dent in your day.

The exercises are broken into segments to allow you to complete the desired repetitions before moving on. Ten to fifteen reps are a good rule of thumb for each exercise. My wonderful sister, Heidi will demonstrate a few reps of each exercise, and only to one side. Since she's only doing a few, don't think it's ok to stop when she stops, and also remember to do both sides when applicable.

The props you will need are: Foam Roller, Mat, Thera-Band (light to medium resistance). If you do not have these props at home you can improvise and perform the exercises with out props, or skip that exercise. I recommend that everyone have these three props in their Pilates toy box at home.

*Toe Taps can be preformed on the floor without a roller

*Mermaid can be done without a roller

*if you don't have a roller, lie face down, stack hands under forehead like a pillow, extend the spine/arms/head off of the mat by engaging glutes, abs and back muscles

*you can substitute with light hand weights, although band is preferred

                       And that's a wrap, keep up the good work, and I'll see you in class soon!